About us

We are a family run business that has been trading successfully in carpets and floorings in the North Down area of Northern Ireland for fifty years, offering a full supply and installation service on all carpets and flooring types.

In this time, we have built up a loyal customer base that appreciates our competitive pricing couples with our excellent fitting and after care service.
We strive to source the best products across all types of flooring, from contemporary and traditional carpets and rugs, to vinyl and wooden flooring.


Do you charge for flooring samples?

No, we believe that our customers should have the opportunity to look at their samples in their own homes before making an important decision about their flooring. We allow customers to take samples home at no charge unlike a number of our competitors.

If I obtain a quote am I obliged to go ahead?

We believe that a customer has the final decision and hope that our pricing and service will ensure that the customer provides us their business. We provide written no obligation quotes and find that customers come back to us time and time again.

What type of carpet would you recommend for my hall, stairs and landing?

We would recommend a fairly flat close pile carpet such as a good quality twist, Wilton or Axminster. This is due to the fact that this is a particularly heavy traffic area so a higher pile “softer carpet” would flatten excessively and look unsightly. These carpets will stipulate a “heavy domestic” rating. A good quality underlay is also recommended.

What type of carpet would you recommend for my bedroom?

Most carpets are suitable for bedrooms as it is a low traffic area, so people mostly go for softer more luxurious carpets that are nice on the feet. We would still recommend a good quality underlay to help prevent flattening.

Why do we need underlay under our carpet?

Underlay is required to help with the wear of your carpet as it helps the carpet fibres to “bounce back” and prevents excessive flattening. This therefore makes your carpet feel soft and luxurious under foot.

We have a limited budget so can't afford underlay, is there an alternative?

Yes, there are now carpets made with a “felt” backing. This can be fitted with or without underlay, so are ideal if you have a limited budget.

We have quite a large room and would prefer not to have a join is this possible?

Most carpets are now made in a standard 4 meter width, with more and more manufacturers introducing a super width of 5 meters. In most instances we can now fit larger rooms without joins.

How do we care for our carpets after they are fitted?

We recommend that your vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. We also recommend that your carpets are professionally cleaned once a year to help maintain the appearance and wear of your carpet.